10 Things To Never Ever Say To People In Chennai

Do you have any of your chennai friend. Damn you are lucky then, Try out these below things on them. You will really love it.

  1. Why None Speaks Hindi in Chennai ?

  2. Just go and learn in 3 minutes man 🙂

  3. Why You use coconut in every dish ?

  4. Its like nrth indians onions 😛

  5. Why no music live shows in Chennai ?

  6. Searching…………

  7.  Do You Know Rajnikanth is Marathi ?

  8. Now they have nothing to be proud of man 🙂

  9. Where we will get good pani poori in chennai ?

  10. Are you drunk man !

  11. Tea Is Far better than filter coffee.

  12. Absolutely right man, None of your business.

  13. Apart From Idli dosa, nothing is good in chennai.

  14. Truth never hides 😛

  15. I Like Bengaluru Over chennai.

  16. Its my choice do whatever you want to do man.

  17. Chennai have Hard rock Cafe and why dont they serve alcohol ?

  18. What its need they are hard enough to stand by !

  19. Chennai is Damn Hot, how you live here ?

  20. Watch me out babes !

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