Tamilrockers Hollywood English Movies

Tamilrockers Hollywood English Movies – As you all know tamilrockers started of with the tamil movies prints on their forum which they named as tamilrockers. Slowly slowly it became a big name online for providing pirated prints of the movies on their website. And have been continously providing so from years even after facing many time bans on their website and arrests of admins.

As name says it all tamilrockers means they started of with tamil movies first. With the demand and earnings they started providing illegal prints of Telugu and Malayalam movies too. With more increase in demand and increasing traffic they didnt stop at all for these industries. People started demanding of other movies as well.

Tamilrockers Hollywood English Movies

Tamilrockers Hollywood English Movies

So as what every business men do they started providing movies to download on many other big and small cinemas. Small indusrty like kannada movies were also covered as well. And how could they leave bollywood movies the most watched in india giving rise to hindi movies available for download on their site.

After being getting popular in india they wanted to grow more and started targetting international market and their target was hollywood movies this time. English hollywood movies are watched and searched all over the world and gives tremendous amount of traffic to their website. More the traffic more was their earnings.

Various versions of tamilrockers english movies were released including hollywood dubbed movies and hollywood tamil dubbed movies collection. As US traffic is premium as compared to india so they earned a lot from it. This is how they started from tamilrockers tamil movies to English movies covering all the industry in between like tollywood, kollywood, sandalwood, bollywood and hollywood.

Now they even release the short movies and seasons episodes that are released over premium apps and online website like hotstar and amazon. They dont wanna stop until money is going to there pockets. In between they use to provide download to songs and video songs also but with decrease in demand they stopped it. They also started to provide their torrent named tamilrockers torrent which i think stopped as of now.

In the end we would like to say they tamilrockers is the biggest pirated website for tamil industry which has mostly effected the tamil industry and TFPC is behind them running 24 by 7 to stop the damage.

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