Heartfelt Video message to #Tamilrockers From #Chennai2Singapore Director Abbas Akbar

A heartfelt message to #Tamilrockers and #TamilGun from #Chennai2Singapore director @AbbasAkbar has been tweeted in the form of a video which was seen as a surprise and was also listened by big piracy site Tamilrockers.



Here is the link to the official video which was released on Facebook by Ghibran official page.

Then soon it was released on twitter page and got viral and reached to the Tamilrockers team as well. You can listed to video from below also.

As the video is not in English so below is the English meaning what he said to the Tamilrockers telugu admins.

Abbas stated,

“Hello, I am Abbas Akbar, the director of Chennai 2 Singapore. I’d like to talk directly to the admins of Tamilrockers, Tamilgun, and other piracy sites, through this video. First of all, Chennai 2 Singapore, was started six years back. We have put our hard work and sweat on this film, for the past six years. The entire budget of the movie, from shooting costs, till marketing, will be around Rs 8 crore. We can’t recover that amount within one week, and we need a minimum of four weeks for the word of mouth to spread among the public and pick up. But now, all our hard work, sweat, and pain are on Tamilrockers site. We shouldn’t say we worked so hard, because, it was something that we wanted to do.

We knew the work was going to be huge, and knowingly only, we started to film it. When we finished the film, no distributor was ready to release the film. But thankfully, SPI Cinemas came forward to help us and release the film on minimum screens. The film has picked up from 60 screens to around 80-90 screens now. The film is slowly starting to do well, with positive word of mouth. You have the film now with you, watch the film. There is no reason for the film to not succeed.

As a friend, I request you, people, to take down Chennai 2 Singapore, from your site for the next 30 days. On the 31st day, you can re-upload the film and host it on your site. That will be my humble request and you will have a good sign of support from me. Please do that for me.”

This translated message has been copied from the source “behindwoods.com“.

And in return, it was seen that the Movie on the Tamilrockers Malayalam official site was put down by the team and became unavailable for download.

On this same issue, Aruvi’s producer S.R.Prabhu, tweeted, “Lifetime work of youngsters goes wasted by these thieves! Requesting the audience to not support Piracy”

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