Malayalam Movies Releasing In June 2018

Malayalam Movies Releasing In June 2018Malayalam Movies what to say are best in for those know the language. As I know all cant judge the entertainment we get watching them. As because dubbed movies of those are also not released a lot as compared to Telugu movies. But the Love to them Only knows the true Malayalam People.

So Movies are not very high budgeted and people are sometimes lazy to go to cinemas. Some cant afford the Movies tickets for the whole family. At the point sites like Tamilrockers make use of it and upload the pirated prints of the movies and get the users like these to there sites or the Students who don’t get pocket money to enjoy the movies on cinemas.

Ranam Tamilrockers Malayalam Movie

Ranam Tamilrockers Malayalam Movie

Malayalam Movies Releasing In June 2018 –

Movie NameCastRelease Date
OoluShane Nigam, Baby Esthar02 Jun 2018
WonderfulUnni Rajan P Dev02 Jun 2018
SavaariSuraj Venjaramoodu, Dileep03 Jun 2018
Jimikki KammalNot Known03 Jun 2018
BilathikadhaNiranj S, Anu Sithara04 Jun 2018
KantharamHemanth Menon, Jeevika07 Jun 2018
PadminiAnumol, Sanju Shivram07 Jun 2018
Oru Pazhaya Bomb KadhaBibin George, Prayaga Martin07 Jun 2018
Ranam Prithviraj Sukumaran, Isha Talwar10 Jun 2018
Seven SamuraiRavindran, Devan11 Jun 2018
Tick Tock Tovino Thomas13 Jun 2018
Oru Adaar LoveNoorin Shereef, Siyadh Shajahan14 Jun 2018
NeeraliMohanlal, Nadhiya14 Jun 2018
ViplavamNot Known15 Jun 2018
Sreenivasan Paranja KadhaSreejith Vijay, Aiswarya Devan16 Jun 2018
Police JuniorNarain, Kanakalatha25 Jun 2018
TheevandiTovino Thomas, Suraj Venjaramoodu28 Jun 2018

As following month is of summers and people always be on travel so movies released are less. Hope for big releases Next Month.

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SO don’t think so the schedule for the above list will change as its planned. We will Update as we get to know about it.

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