Tamilrockers Tamil Movies

Tamilrockers Tamil Movies – As you, all know as Tamilrockers is the Pirated website forum. What they do is release the pirated and leaked prints of the movies in India mostly Tamil movies. This name is in operation for many years and run by many anonymous guys. So the problem is they are hidden from the present world.

They emerged in begin as from releasing prints to Tamil Movies only as a name only suggest as Tamil rockers. Then slowly with a good response, they started releasing Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi Movies as well on their website. And Present they get millions of visitor to there blog per month.

Tamilrockers Tamil Movies

Tamilrockers Tamil Movies

As we all know this is strictly illegal as releasing the movies online that are copyright work of the producers is a punishable offence. But Cyber crimes are done in a way that it gets very difficult for them to trace the admins. Several times many admins of Tamilrockers have been arrested too but still, Forum keeps on running and publishing the Movies with pirated prints.

In the start, Tamilrockers Published the Tamil movies to there site and grabbed a huge audience. As Tamil industry started in 1918 with a first silent film. First Motion Picture was released in 1931. As Complete Tamil Industry also Known as Kollywood. It is completely based in Kodambakkam. It is a residential neighbourhood in Chennai.

With time the Tamil Cinema grew a lot and at present, it comes second after Hindi cinema in India. Tamil Movies are released on the screens all over the world including Europe, America, Singapore, Malaysia and many more countries. As we all Know Indians are everywhere.

So now after knowing some history about Tamil Cinema and Tamilrockers we should know about Present of both. As Tamil Cinema is increasing for sure day by day. Along with it, Pirated Movies sites like Tamilrockers are also increasing. Tamilrockers may have a major part in it but many small sites are also running simultaneously releasing the pirated movies.

SO both the industry growing as well. A rise in these has gone more due to increase in internet users in these years in India. Still, Cyber cells are running behind them and doing their jobs and they admit themselves that it cant be completely stopped.

Rest wait and watch for the future of this Pirated industry that running openly and earning illegally from there Websites as well as Tamilrockers Torrent.

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