Tamilrockers Admin Arrested By Kerala Police

The news is spread over media that Tamilrockers admin has been arrested. Then we checked the different sources of news and came to know them in a total of 5 persons have been arrested by anti-piracy cell Kerala Police from Viluppuram.

Three have been claimed to be the admins of Tamilrockers and 2 of them belong to the DVD rockers. As both sites have been releasing the piracy of south film industry.

Tamilrockers Arrested

Tamilrockers Arrested

Tamilrockers and DVD Rockers actually were the Pirated sites releasing Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada Movies online with pirated prints with the release of Movies.

Karthi who was also before suspected to be the admin of Tamilrockers has been arrested along with Prabhu and Suresh from Viluppuram. Other 2 persons were arrested from Thirunelveli names Johnson and Jagan who are brothers. They use to run the piracy site DVDrockers. All of them are well qualified and holding MSc degree too.

One case was filed against DVD rockers and 7 cases were already registered against Tamilrockers in Kerala for piracy of movies. All five of them now have been booked Under Copyright Act And It Act and sent to judicial custody.

Now they are being enquired more as many more people are involved in groups according to police. Acc to police Tamilrockers admin has earned about more than 1 crore in past few months from this piracy sites.

Anti-piracy cell actually got lead from the email that a Haryana-based company wrote to Akhil, who was arrested in 2016 in a similar case, helped in tracking members of Tamilrockers.

The Company sent a mail to Akhil, offering to publish ads on the website Akhil was running and happen to mention that they have ties to Tamilrockers admin also. Anti Piracy Cell got the information about Tamilrockers through this ad company,” the SP said.

Image of the arrested accused below –

Tamilrockers Admins Arrested

5 Accused Arrested

This is the below video for the confirmed by News Channel:-

Still, we waiting for more updates on it. Will it stop the Piracy sites now or its complete comfort to Tamil industry now. Let’s see what happens in future and we will keep you update about it.

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