Tamilrockers or Tamilgun Admins Arrested Or Not

Current news going on in media that the admin or Tamil rockers have been arrested. But this has not been confirmed by the Police headquarters. They are just asking for time for more investigation with the suspect.

Ya for sure they accept its related to piracy website business. The suspect has been kept in captive at D-1 Police Station, Triplicane in Chennai. The name of the person is Gauri Shankar.

Watch the news video what Vishal has to say to media.


Now watch for the tweets and answers given by the #tamilrockers and #tamilgun To this news.




So they are being confirmed by both that no admin of them have been arrested.
So let’s wait for the confirm news and will let you update on it.

Update –

Later on, it was confirmed that Gauri Shankar is not associated with any sense to Tamilgun or Tamilrockers. During the interrogation, it was found that suspect was running a site tamilgun.in that was promoted advertisements in magazines and pornographic material.

He was just earning few thousand of rupees from this business. On further remand they can to know that he has very little knowledge about internet and is 10th pass. He has no way any connection to Tamilrockers.

Actually, these sites like Tamilrockers and Tamilgun are being operated from outside the country and servers are located in a country where there is no law to question them.

Tamilrockers are still confident and they declared that they will continue releasing new films.

Actually, due to the new movie release, there were raids going on pirated DVD copies sellers who released pirate copies for songs and Video songs. During this, they got a lead for Gauri Shankar by tracing the IP address.

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