Tamilrockers Website Cant be Completely Closed And Deleted

Is it possible to close and block all the piracy sites running online? The answer is big No for now. As for now lets take an example of one piracy site i.e Tamilrockers.

Tamilrockers is a piracy site that has troubled Telugu industry a lot. They constantly keep on challenging them to release the Telugu movies and Malayalam Movies on their site as soon as they are released on screens.

Can Tamilrockers Be Banned Or Deleted

Can Tamilrockers Be Banned Or Deleted

Tamilrockers Telugu and Tamilrockers Malayalam are the keywords that are a lot searched by people living in South India for the download of movies they love to watch or released recently in the language they released.

There was an interview on behind woods with one of the ethical hacker named Shiva. He Told ” They keep on changing domains, and if we delete it they again host it.

If we work in a team and try taking down each and every website, again and again, they host it again. The same way with the use of technology we take it down and the same way they host it again. So what we can do is reduce this activity and delay the working of the site for some time.

The block is all temporary and they again host on other domain. We cant permanently delete the site. The reason is they are hosted on servers which cannot be contacted to delete the sites due to Country to country policies.

Secondly, they cant be traced anyway because email id and contact number details they all used to register domains and hosting are all fake.

Hope you understood now how these sites are running the piracy business without any fear. As there was news of there arrest of Tamilrockers but still when we see their site it’s being updated. So Its seems Temporary.

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