Tamilrockers Telugu Movies

Tamilrockers Telugu Movies – Tamilrockers Website is among the top pirated Tamilrockers Forum providing all the copyright stuff like telugu movies for free download. Tamilrockers is popular for providing the Telugu movies download links in HD for absolutely free including dubbed movies. Most of the times they release pirated prints filmed from theatres. They are repeatingly effecting the industry of Telugu cinema. Telugu Movies are either leaked on release dates or just after the release and in some rare cases before also the release of the telugu movies.

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Tamilrockers Telugu

Tamilrockers Telugu

Tamilrockers are popular for providing pirated prints or medium quality prints recorded from cinema screens as they are all illegal telugu movies prints. Tamilrockers are also famous for the Tamil and Malayalam movies that they sometimes stream online also along with the movie release date.

Telugu cinema, TFPC and Tamil Cyber cell all have been made in trouble a lot by the team of Tamilrockers. They are completely running behind them to stop their illegal telugu movies network and stop it. But as their operations are running from other countries i.e outside India, so to ruin them completely has been a very difficult task. Last year there was a news too of being arrested of some of members of the team Tamilrockers from Coimbatore. But it didn’t make an end of Tamilrockers. They constantly providing Telugu Movies as well as Malayalam Movies on their website and forum for free download.

Some other stuff they provide online to get download or stream is Telugu plays, dramas, Tamilrockers songs, video songs and Hindi movies too. They are all available to download mostly for free only. They upload it too many servers giving different links for download so as there vistors could get atleast some of the working links out of them to download the telugu movies.

Telugu film industry has been suffereing a lot by the admins of Tamilrockers. Tamil govt have been continuously blocking their site  urls to get not open it in India. But to run their site properly in india, they are being continuously changing their website address i.e url or domain name.

You can see the below message when we open their sites sometimes that it is blocked.

Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. Please contact the administrator for more information.

What they do is they keep on changing domain names i.e website URL i.e domain name and keep redirecting old ones to new ones. Secondly, they are accessed by users from other IPs Other than India as in case if they are blocked in India they are still accessible to other countries IPs. This is done by the use of different proxies, VPNs  and  torrents.

When they are banned by Indian govt and they change their URLs of the site, they start sharing new ones on their twitter page and facebook page. As a result, even their social pages are being reported by TFPC and get blocked after some time.

There is no proper social media page of them on internet as per reports. Tamilrockers too have been saying with proper notification on the forum that they are not on social media platforms like twitter and facebook and none of the page online at present with name tamilrockers belong to them.

These are the main reason they are still managing to run their piracy download movie forum business and earning from it. Even it’s our sole responsibility to stop using their site and support our govt and telugu film industry who are facing a huge loss due to them. They are putting a lot hard work in making some great movies.

New film producers like Abbas Akbar have started to request site like Tamilrockers on twitter to delete the download link to their movie Chennai2Singapore from their site. As he is small producer with small budget movie and are not in any stage to suffer loss from the movie. Her carrier depends a lot on it. So producers are so bound to take steps like these also. This gives us an idea how badly tamilrockers have an affect of telugu cinema.

So in overall Tamil cyber cell, Telugu industry and TFPC is 24 by 7 tracking the Tamilrockers activities and want to ruin them completely. If they are not able to stop them complete but at every stage they making difficult for them to run the forum and website by blocking them within days time. They are also most of the times blocking the earning resources of them effecting financially. And this fight is repeatedly running between them from years.

A little help from the people who use these sites for watching and downloading movies online for free can stop them. If we understand our duty there will be no work like this. As with no users there is no chance for survival for them as will result in no income to them.

As for now the question is why people want Telugu movies for free download to watch online. As I was going through some tweets on twitter. I saw one tweet showing the ticket price of the Telugu movie as Rs 165 and Parking Price Rs230 for the Mall with a tweet #tamilrockers that’s why we love you. One of the user give this as the reason to watch the telugu movies from sites like tamilrockers.

So Better we should think ourselves or from our heart what we need to do and what not. Hope you liked my part if you read it completely. A share from you will mean a lot for us.

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