Tamil Film Producer Council Suspended all Tamilrockers Ad campaigns

Tamil Film Producer Council Suspended all Tamilrockers Ad campaigns – This has come into the news when TFPC tweeted this in social media. As many believe it and may not. As some days ago twitter also suspended a lot of Twitter accounts including fake related to Tamilrockers.

Now would like to show you the tweet TFPC tweeted replying some twitter members. They are giving proof of how they suspended ad campaigns running on Tamilrockers Telugu website.

So the thing is clear they are behind Tamilrockers in all aspects trying to hurt them any way they can as Tamilrockers hurting the film producers. The name has become like a part of the industry being anonymous.

Below is the tweet by Tamil Film Producers Council –

After this tweet, a tweet was getting viral like tamilrockers were asking for donations to run them. Below is the proper tweet that got viral.

Tamil film producer council has suspended all our Ad campaigns, We need donations to run the show, DM us your willingness, we will share our Paypal account. Nothing is free in this world #Tamilrockers #firstdayfirstshow 🙂

In return, we can see a message on Tamilrockers website that they are not on twitter and have no official account. All these news spreads are fake. They have no official account of twitter nor using it.

Official Message Appearing on Tamilrockers website –

We are not available on Twitter or any other Social networks. If someone posts anything using our name on social networks, Then that should be fake. Please don’t believe on those kind of id’s and rumours spread by them.

So both Tamilrockers and TFPC are on social media fight along with stop piracy. Let’s see who wins and how fast it end it up.

Tamil Film Producers Council

Tamil Film Producers Council

What Tamil Film Producer council trying to do is hurt them financially for which they run there website. As blocking their domains continuously is not harming them much as this would do.

Rest TFPC is doing good work on their part and let see how it turn it up to Tamilrockers.

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